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What’s new with Recess Rocks? Tons! Kids and communities around the country are skipping, leaping and jumping to the Recess Rocks beat. Click a link below or scroll down to read about where we’re going and where we’ve been. Dive into our e-newsletter Wellness Rocks! for exciting tips, links and features.
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Recess in Bangor

Recess Rocks Training Classes - Bangor, ME

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Click here to watch the video.

Click here to watch the video.

Kim Bangor

Fighting Childhood Obesity - Maine NewsSource 8 Reports on Recess Rocks

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Recess Bangor Press Paper

Recess Rocks! Bangor Daily News

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StevesSongs Clip

'Recess Rocks' Program To Fight — Herald-Mail.com

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SteveSongs Recess Rocks Video

SteveSongs Recess Rocks Video Filmed at Macdonough— Middletown Patch

More than students from Middletown's elementary schools took part in the new music video for the Community Health Center's national school-based program to reverse childhood obesity.

Recess at most Connecticut elementary schools is 25 minutes long, which may seem lengthy, but when the school day clocks in at six and a half hours, for naturally energetic children ages 4-11, it’s not always enough activity. Enter Recess Rocks, developed by the Community Health Center in 2004. It’s a national program to reverse childhood obesity and to redefine and redesign how recess is incorporated into the school day: a a free, dynamic movement program for elementary school children that can be adapted to any part of the school day. It brings fun, non-competitive aerobic exercise and kinesthetic learning into the classroom and beyond. Click here to read the full article.


Dr. Nwando Olayiwola & Steve Roslonek — Orlando Sentinel

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LA Times

Dr. Nwando Olayiwola & Steve Roslonek — LA Times

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"Recess Rocks" program urges schools to implement movement into classroom learning — KRNV Reno

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'Recess Rocks' Program To Fight Obesity — Lehigh Valley’s - The Morning Call

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Southington School

Recess Rocks comes to Southington's Strong School - Record-Journal

Movement instructor Lisa Rozo and first grade students pretend to be sharks while exercising to music during Recess Rocks at Strong Elementary School in Southington Thursday January 5, 2012. The Community Health Center of Middletown fitness program keeps kids moving as an alternative to board games and computer games at recess during the winter months. Click here to read the full article.




Miss Kim leads 1,000 Girl Scouts of Connecticut in Celebrations!

Miss Kim is leading 1,000 Girl Scouts of Connecticut in multiple, fun-packed Celebrations! events at the Meriden Mall during their overnight celebratory stay.

Recess Rocks Training

Moving to the Recess Rocks groove!

Last November, Recess Rocks trained 28 new movement instructors in Recess and Celebrations! Now more kids from Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island will be moving to the Recess Rocks groove!


GE staff learn about Recess Rocks

On September 13, Community Health Center, Inc. of Danbury presented crucial information about childhood diabetes to GE’s Fairfield County area employees. After the presentation, participants engaged in a dynamic, interactive overview of Recess Rocks. They learned how movement—the Recess Rocks way—helps children alleviate the symptoms of childhood diabetes and keep the disease in check.

CHC, Recess Rocks’ parent company, was awarded a $500,000 grant from GE last winter, along with three years of GE volunteer support, under the GE Developing Health™ program, with the goal of increasing access to primary care for uninsured and underserved populations in Norwalk and Danbury, Connecticut. The September 13th workshop was part of this initiative.

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