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Recess Rocks Training Crew


Ready for more Recess Rocks? We’ve got workshops and training just for you! Our tailor-made, in-depth, interactive programs give you a super-charged understanding of Recess Rocks’ philosophy and methodology. Plus you experience moving and learn how to bring fitness to kids in your community.

Add zest and inspiration to:

  • Conferences
  • Staff development days
  • Summertime training
  • Family resource centers
  • Youth and community centers

Want support afterwards? Need custom programs? You got it! Contact us to learn more.

School Teacher Workshops

Motivate your students’ love for healthy, active learning! At our half and full-day workshops learn to add moves daily, and experience, create and conduct recess and/or Active Classroom activities

Check out this sample teacher workshop session, then contact us for details.

With Recess Rocks Teacher  workshops:

  • Stimulate children's energy and attention
  • Release pent-up energy
  • Promote kinesthetic learning
  • Shift the mood of the class
  • Review concepts and prepare for tests
  • Create a more dynamic daily classroom routine

Movement Instructor Training

Kids get fit with your creative moves! Learn to lead your own programs, choreograph creative new classes, and market your skills and Recess Rocks to schools and organizations.

Explore this sample movement instructor training session, then contact us to learn more.

With Recess Rocks Movement Instructor training:

  • Motivate children to attain physical skills
  • Inspire enjoyment and imagination
  • Use language to promote self-esteem
  • Engage and direct attention
  • Keep children safe and on-cue
  • Make the process fun and rewarding for all

Whirl around to these program links now!

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